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Why would you go on a cycling holiday to Albania?

Those who know me well would never ask this question, but that’s because the word “holiday” for me is synonymous with “unusual” and “challenging” (and occasionally “terrifying”). For normal human beings, however, it seems like an odd choice of destination. … Continue reading

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Resetting your comfort zone

One of the aims in my role as ambassador to the charity Action4Diabetics is to lead by example and show how people with diabetes (and potentially the resulting complications) shouldn’t be afraid to get out and do adventurous things. If … Continue reading

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Top Tips for Hostel Owners

As a corollary to my post about how to get the best out of staying in a hostel or refuge, and following a recent trip staying in several mountain refuges on the GR221 in Mallorca, I thought I’d offer some … Continue reading

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A Mountain to Climb: Inspiration and Determination

I’ve had an interest in Everest since as long as I can remember. Not in an “I want to climb it some day” kind of way (I value my life far too much for that, not to mention my hard-earned … Continue reading

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It’s a fine balance

In the last few years, I’ve tried out a variety of companies offering some kind of adventure travel or outdoor activities, ranging from single-day one-to-one instruction, through to full-on 2-week trekking trips on the other side of the world, and … Continue reading

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