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Why would you go on a cycling holiday to Albania?

Those who know me well would never ask this question, but that’s because the word “holiday” for me is synonymous with “unusual” and “challenging” (and occasionally “terrifying”). For normal human beings, however, it seems like an odd choice of destination. … Continue reading

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Too much snorer in Albania

Albania – a surprising culinary delight Continue reading

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The Espresso Bloodbath Tour of Sardinia

There were a number of things I was expecting when I booked a mountain biking holiday to Sardinia with Saddle Skedaddle, most of which didn’t happen. The two things I wasn’t particularly expecting were the number of espresso stops on … Continue reading

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Grumpy people don’t make friends on group trips

I’ve written already about my first impressions of South Africa and the contrasts I found in the country, not just internally but compared with the rest of Africa (or at least the parts I know). Interestingly, a friend just recommended me the … Continue reading

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South Africa: a land of contrasts

Having just returned from a fabulous fortnight’s cycling holiday in South Africa with Exodus and Mask Expeditions, my first ever visit there, unusually for me I’m struggling to put into words my impressions of the trip and the country. Ironic therefore that … Continue reading

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Top 10 Tips for Cycling the C2C

If you’re a regular follower of my blog, you’ll know that I recently cycled the C2C for the first time, and was very nervous about it beforehand (for no other reason than it’s my nature to worry about such things). … Continue reading

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Problems are not excuses

Wondering whether I’m fit enough has been pretty much my overriding thought in the last few weeks, as the countdown is on until I cycle the C2C next weekend. First I should reassure the lovely people at Saddle Skedaddle, who … Continue reading

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