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Grumpy people don’t make friends on group trips

I’ve written already about my first impressions of South Africa and the contrasts I found in the country, not just internally but compared with the rest of Africa (or at least the parts I know). Interestingly, a friend just recommended me the … Continue reading

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South Africa: a land of contrasts

Having just returned from a fabulous fortnight’s cycling holiday in South Africa with Exodus and Mask Expeditions, my first ever visit there, unusually for me I’m struggling to put into words my impressions of the trip and the country. Ironic therefore that … Continue reading

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It shouldn’t be physically possible to get from Namibia to England in less than a week, because mentally it is impossible to adjust in 24 hours from the raw, earthy African wilderness to the sterile, consumerist, and claustrophobic green and … Continue reading

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Daring, danger and death

Last night I watched the first episode of Walking the Nile, a documentary in which former Army officer and Afghanistan veteran Levison Wood walked more than 4,000 miles through Africa  from the source of the Nile in Rwanda to the shores of … Continue reading

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Mountain biking for the blind

“But you’re blind, you can’t go mountain biking!” Well, quite. I should sit at home over Christmas reading Braille or playing tactile Scrabble with my cat. However, I don’t have a cat, and my Braille skills are so terrible that … Continue reading

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The giraffe

The Afrikaans word for giraffe is “Kameelperd” which literally means “camel horse”. Why? On first appearance, a giraffe is not really much like either. Like a camel, it’s an even-toed ungulate, unlike the horse which is odd-toed. So maybe it’s … Continue reading

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Cycle Namibia

We go to bed at 10 and get up with the sun Strange – I thought holidays were meant to be fun! But this trip is not what it first might seem While up with the lark might not be … Continue reading

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