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Sun, sea, sand and soggy socks in Anglesey

Anglesey (that little island just off the North coast of Wales) is one of those places that everyone says “Oh, you must go, it’s lovely. My third cousin twice removed has a holiday house there.” So I did. I’m always … Continue reading

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What can you learn on an Acoustic Walking Weekend in Wales?

Last weekend I went on an acoustic walking weekend run by the Plas-y-Brenin outdoor centre in North Wales. If you’re like me (luckily for you, you probably aren’t) then your first thought on reading this might be “what on earth … Continue reading

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There’s more to the Alps than Mt Blanc

On a last minute whim, I booked an Exodus walking holiday at the end of August to the Queyras. I’m sure most of you are already wondering, just like me, where on earth the Queyras is, although the sharper tools … Continue reading

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You don’t have to be good at it to go rock climbing

When you’re blind and waiting for your third shoulder surgery, the obvious thing to do to while away the time is to go on a rock climbing course. Well, if you’re me anyway. Those who know me won’t be surprised … Continue reading

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Why would you go on a cycling holiday to Albania?

Those who know me well would never ask this question, but that’s because the word “holiday” for me is synonymous with “unusual” and “challenging” (and occasionally “terrifying”). For normal human beings, however, it seems like an odd choice of destination. … Continue reading

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Too much snorer in Albania

Albania – a surprising culinary delight Continue reading

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Trekking the Fjallraven Classic – Part 5: The Finish Line!

The final day was rather a strange one by all accounts. With only a measly 10K to go, we had an easy bimble in store, and we were greeted from dawn with brilliant sunshine. It was still very chilly first … Continue reading

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