About this blog:

I lost most of my sight in my late 20s, due to retinopathy, a complication of diabetes. I try not to let either of these things stop me doing what I love the most, which is travelling and especially anything that involves being active and adventurous. My motto in life is to push yourself to the limit, and then a little bit more. I’d like to think that my writings will not only entertain you, but also inspire you to live life to the full and to have a go at things you never thought you were capable of.


Diana Maynard is a Research Fellow at the University of Sheffield, UK. She has a PhD in Natural Language Processing and mostly spends her time developing tools for text analysis, in particular for social media, as well as teaching and consultancy work. She has over 60 academic publications and lots of experience organising conferences, giving talks and managing projects. The beauty of all this is that it allows her lots of opportunities to travel, both for work and for fun. In her spare time, other than travel, she likes to throw herself into most sports, especially the weird ones, climb mountains, and generally do anything except sit still. She also runs the UK branch of a US charity, Insulin Pumpers UK, and manages the publicity side of the charity Action4Diabetics. She loves to write, and has had a number of articles published on travel and on diabetes-related issues, as well as recently editing a book on the history of Nether Wallop. you can find the boring official stuff about me on my work website.

Judy Maynard is a retired teacher living in a small village with an improbable sounding name in Hampshire. She grew up in Kenya (pronouncing it with a long e, as it was known back then), and spent 30 years there before moving to England in 1969. She is also a keen traveller, loves animals (especially horses) and is brilliant at descriptive writing (in my totally unbiased opinion). She recently wrote a book on the history of Nether Wallop (clearly no connection with my editing of a similar-sounding publication).


2 Responses to About

  1. Tina mATTOCKS says:

    I would love to speak to Judy Maynard. I have a photograph of her and me on Eclipse and either Christine or Joanna on Nanyuki racecourse

    • Judy Maynard says:

      Tina I’d love a copy of the photo of us on Eclipse and Christine, as we had problems originally in exchanging emails, and to catch up on news. Judy

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