Top Tips for Hostel Owners

As a corollary to my post about how to get the best out of staying in a hostel or refuge, and following a recent trip staying in several mountain refuges on the GR221 in Mallorca, I thought I’d offer some advice on how to provide the best experience for travellers.

  • Provide the details of what is and isn’t available on the website so that guests aren’t surprised on arrival.
  • Rules are fine, and can be very helpful, but it doesn’t hurt occasionally to be a little flexible. If you provide no choice when it comes to food, at least consider if you can make up an alternative if this is problematic, for example, rather than a flat refusal.
  • Make sure the ladders on the bunk beds all face outwards rather than inaccessibly against the wall (yes, this really happened in one refuge).
  • Have more than 1 set of linen and towels, so that if you have any problem with the laundry, your guests don’t have to just go without (this happened twice – once we had to sleep on wet linen, once we didn’t get any at all).
  • If the lights for  bedrooms etc are on a timer, consider having them come on in the morning at least 15 minutes before breakfast, thus allowing people to have light when they get up (yes, this also happened).

I should add that I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the refuges on the GR221. But some minor improvements in some cases would have gone a long way towards customer satisfaction.

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