A Return Visit to Kenya: Part 4 – The Coast

Our week at The Driftwood Club at  Malindi, some 60 miles north of Mombasa, passed all too quickly, spent relaxing, soaking up the heat and acquiring a healthy tan. The Club was an informal set-up with individual bandas thatched with makuti (palm fronds) dotted around a central building comprising a communal dining room and a sitting area on the veranda, which was frequented almost exclusively by up-country Kenya families and consequently very relaxed and friendly. J-M joined a group of locals on a deep sea fishing expedition, whilst D practised her windsurfing skills. We all spent an inordinate amount of time surfing, goggling (snorkelling) and exploring the huge beach and surroundings. The Vasco da Gama pillar, 1499, was a reminder of the turbulent Portuguese conquest and influence all along the East African coast. The mysterious Arab village ruins at Gedi nearby fascinated us, as they do all visitors, with their remains mostly covered by the encroaching forest since the village was abandoned 500 years ago, for reasons unknown. A palpable eerie feeling of being watched is very evident and it is said that if photos are taken then bad luck will ensue. Luckily this omen didn’t affect us!

Ruined gateway at Gedi

Ruined gateway at Gedi

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