Portrait of a Kenya afternoon

Peace, not quiet and still, but hushed. No hustling bustle of normal life. Muted sounds only.
The cool shade of a thick spreading tree beside the pool providing an oasis. The water shimmering in the enveloping oppressive heat.
A few puffball clouds suspended in the brilliant blue vault of the sky. A friendly, gentle breeze fanning the surroundings.
The faint hum of swarming bees and the twittering of small birds, momentarily interrupted by the liquid notes of a shrike.
The pungent smell of molasses grass.
The bold orange blooms of the magnificent Flame Tree nearby contrasting with the delicate, feathery canopy of the acacia tree.
An ant, busily searching for food, hurries past and disappears down a crack in the rock.
Time to relax and let the mind wander – to study the indescribable beauty and let the senses revel in the myriad stimulations.

Typical river scenery

Typical river scenery

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