The Thunderstorm

Oppressive heat over shimmering plains of scorched pasture – trees dancing in the mirage, the parched earth crying out for rain.

Slowly, unbelievably, a cloud forms on the horizon. It gathers in volume and density, and surges like a billowing wave over the land. The first huge drops begin to fall several miles away, and soon the landscape is blotted out by the oncoming wall of rain. Nearer and nearer it sweeps – the air becomes suddenly cooler. In an instant there is a deluge – an unceasing bombardment.

The thirsty earth cannot absorb this sudden bounty, and soon a rushing torrent of swirling muddy water races down the hillside, sweeping everything out of its path – only to flood the already choked watercourse.

For an indeterminable time the world is engulfed by this ever-moving, yet seemingly motionless curtain. Then, gradually, the heart of the storm passes on, leaving a thin veil of misty rain over the now sodden landscape. Life slowly returns to normal and the birds and insects loudly voice their appreciation of the long-awaited elixir.



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