How will I know when I’m fit enough?

So the fitness training continues, and I’m getting quite nervous now I’ve realised that in precisely 8 weeks’ time, I shall (with any luck) be standing on top of Africa. Training has been severely hampered by the fact that I’ve spent most of the last 6 weeks travelling for work (ever tried getting fit while on a 10 hour flight?) and while I’ve been away my days have been jampacked with work and the necessary socialising that accompanies it. No point travelling all the way to the USA if you then don’t have time to chat with the people you’ve come to see, because you’re too busy getting fit. In Boston, I did manage to go running most days first thing in the morning, which was beautiful along the river, and more importantly, flat. Which did wonders for my confidence. And in San Francisco, I spent an afternoon cycling around the (very hilly) city and across the Golden Gate Bridge.

I also managed to break my finger playing korfball last month. It was a pretty bad break and for a while the doctors debated whether an operation was needed to pin it back together, but luckily it started healing straight and I avoided that. For the first couple of weeks, even running hurt (yes really!) due to the jarring motion. And I certainly couldn’t lift weights. A month on, and it’s better, but I still can’t use it and have to avoid bumping it or putting any weight on it, which means no korfball and limited activities in circuits classes.

While I was in Boston, a friend came running with me, and she asked how I would know when I was fit enough. My answer was that I have absolutely no idea. Which got me thinking about the nature of my training, and I started asking various people for advice. Of course, the more people you ask, the more different answers you get, but most people seemed to think I was doing the right thing by mixing up different kinds of fitness. And most people seem to think I’m fit enough already, but I know I’ll never be fit enough….that’s what comes of being a perfectionist. I’ll feel happier when I’ve got a few more proper hillwalks under my belt. Sadly I’m so busy with work at weekends it’s hard to find the time, and my usual walking companions also haven’t been available. But we have been out in the Peaks about once a month at least. Here’s me practising my rock climbing on Kinder….and the view from near Alport Castles.

But we’re hoping to get in a trip up Snowdon in early January, which will also be a test of wintry conditions. This is when I wish I had a 9-5 job where I didn’t have the constant pressure of having to work weekends and evenings, and could dedicate these to fitness and get out in the hills more. But such is life. It’s a tricky balance between work, sleep and fitness right now, not to mention trying to have a social life. But I’ll know when I get really nervous about Kili, as I’ll start waking up at 4am worrying about that instead of work…..

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