People keep asking me about my training for Kili, so I thought it was time to document it. Always a big motivator. I’m not doing much more exercise than I normally do in winter (though oddly it’s more than I do in summer), but I’m trying to step up the intensity a bit. My average week consists of:

Monday – 90 minutes of korfball (a bit like a cross between netball and basketball, which involves a lot of running around!)

Tuesday – an hour of Body Max class (like Body Pump – basically free weights, pressups, squats, stomach crunches, dips etc etc). I’m trying to increase the weights and intensity, though I’m struggling with shoulder issues and a dodgy knee at he moment.

Wednesday – 45 mins spin class. Again, trying to push myself more than usual.

Thursday – an hour’s Body Max class at lunchtime and an hour’s spin class in the evening.

Friday – 45 min spin class.

Saturday – an hour’s circuits class, again pushing myself more than usual. Or a 5-7 hour walk in the Peaks with friends.

Sunday – 30 min abs class followed by an hour’s Body Max class, or a 5-7 hour walk in the Peaks.

I also walk 25 mins each way to work and back every weekday.  The way back is up a very steep hill most of the way, so I’m trying to push myself up that too and basically speed walk up it, usually with a rucksack full of gym kit, books etc.

I feel this isn’t really enough, so I’m trying to figure out how to fit in some running. Which I hate, but Sheffield is full of hills, so it’s good practice. Maybe at the weekend, since I can’t face getting up early, and anyway it’s still dark in the mornings when I get up. My main problem is keeping up with fitness when I’m away, as I’m travelling a lot for work at the moment, and it’s hard to find the time when I’m away. Especially as I can’t run in the dark due to my sight issues. I’ll be very happy to hear your suggestions for ramping up the fitness.

I’m also trying to get in a couple of longer walks. I’m planning a trip up Snowdon with some friends sometime in the next few weeks – oddly I’ve never actually done any of the routes before. Really excited about that!

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One Response to Training

  1. Di says:

    Since December, I stepped this up a little and replaced the korfball training with a CardioHiit class on Monday nightsm due to breaking my finger (exhausting, but it's only 45 minutes so it's over quickly). And I've started BoxFit on Wednesday nights. Works every muscle in your body, great for fitness, and gets rid of aggression with all the punchbag work! Wish I'd tried it years ago!

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