Stark raving bonkers?

Inspired by the adventure that was my Inca Trail trip, I may have lost the plot completely. The day after we finished the Inca Trail, I was chatting to Juan, our guide, about mountain trekking and all the places I wanted to go to. “So are you going to do Kilimanjaro then?” he asked. I was astonished! Of all the people to suggest that, I thought Juan, who nearly had to have me airlifted off the mountain, and who was so worried about my health he had been to check on me 5 times in the night in my tent, would be the last person! But no, it turned out he was serious. “Why not? You said you’ve always wanted to do it, you love trekking and mountains, and you’ve got the attitude and determination to make it.” Now those who know me will know how much I love a challenge. Oh, and I love East Africa. And especially elephants. So I gradually got to thinking about it, and discussing with friends who’d done it, and friends who hadn’t and wished they had, and friends who would never in a million years drag themselves up a mountain willingly. I started idly researching it online, went to an Exodus presentation about it, and somehow ended up deciding to do it in February 2013. So there we go. I’ve bought the book, started my research, and for the last week have dreamt about it every single night. So I’ve now started a separate blog for it. Countdown: 11 months to go!

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